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Festive mall decoration services

the first Russian company that provides the world-class seasonal and festive decoration services for shopping centres. The decor creation process requires a deep analysis and understanding of the matter in order to influence the increase of customer activity and growth of sales. Trust the professional team. We are an exclusive distributors of Global Concept company, Belgium.

Our decor is as unique as our projects - we offer solutions that are never repeated.
We are experts in:
  • New Year and seasonal decorations: full range of services from project design to decorations dismantlement;
  • Event-support: we take care of the communications with your visitors;
  • Integration: we will create decoration that would fit your current marketing campaign;
  • Analysis: we ensure the development of themes which your customers prefer;
  • Atmosphere as a bonus: your customers will be grateful for unforgettable experience.
Result guaranteed: 
we ensure the highest level of communication with your customers

We are developing decoration industry in Russia from scratch, bringing fashion trends from Europe. Our projects are constantly in touch with the fashionable solutions, and the technical department ensures the quick realization of necessary elements. We take into consideration both the commercial interests of the mall and its lease holders whilst developing the decor. Not a single corner will remain untouched.

We have decorated 10 MEGA malls in just 2 months
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Independent manufacture allows the creation of the unique world-class projects
  1. Efficient mall decoration due to innovative design, wow-installations and animated video projections
  2. Full range BTL, PR and promotional support at all customer touchpoints;
  3. Increase in loyalty and positive references for the mall, absolute decrease in negative references and sufficient decrease in neutral references;
  4. Increase in lease holders’ loyalty and cross-promotion management;
  5. High quality optimization of decoration expenses.
  6. Our work results in the moments of happiness, bright photos and wonderful emotional responses in relation to you shopping centre.
By taking care of the customers’ experience you ensure their loyalty.

With our combination of quality and efficiency, we are not daunted by high volumes and tight deadlines. Reliable suppliers, exclusive partners, a fine-tuned workflow, and inspiration without limits - we have it all. Everything we do is for your satisfaction.

Receive a one-to-one consultation with an expert right now.

For the 2017 season, we are offering free decoration concepts for commercial stores when signing a contract for festive decor.

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