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Festive mall decoration services
New Year decoration
Your festive mall

Be it Christmas, seasonal holidays, it’s time to establish the complex communication with your visitors through the decorations. If you leave this decision for considerable amount of time - your visitors will simply become bored of what you have to offer.

We ensure that after working with us, you will get the decor that will make your stand out in the market, attract new customers, become more and more popular and most importantly - create emotional response that will influence the visitors to constantly come back to your mall.

We are not simply decorations: we atmosphere creators
  • Attracts traffic to your mall;
  • Enhance the image and confirm the status of your mall
  • Make the whole city discuss your mall
  • Makes the lives of your customers a lot brighter, fuller and much more emotional!
Video animation
Video installations and projections

Video animation is a great way of making the whole city speak of your mall. Multimedia grounds attract not only the attention of visitors but may be useful for subliminal advertisement.

BTL/PR support
Marketing support of your promotional campaign

The basis of successful communication lies in professional work with customer touchpoints. You may integrate festive decoration into your customer communication and what’s more important – multiply the effectiveness of investments into decoration.

The result of such a complex communication are positive emotions of visitors, which they will remember and associate with your mall in the future. The right image of the mall will form that will increase the lease holders interest with the similar effect.

We offer promotional and PR support of festive campaigns, BTL-event holding, organization of cross- marketing actions in collaboration with our lease holders.

You will receive more quality customer touchpoints. For each of them we will:

  • Develop goals of your communications;
  • Develop a plan of collaboration with little and adult visitors;
  • Choose the most fitting advertisement channels and tools;
  • Carry out the plan with top effectiveness;
  • Provide a report with quantity check of our work.
Bringing live emotions

The very top of the art is to add a little detail that will make the work special and will forever stay in the minds of your visitors. This kind of elements are always present in our projects - we call them “wow-effect”. It might be a performance, some kind of activity, unique object, or an interesting decor - something that will fit the concept and will constantly work for your good.

Wow-effect serves only one, but really important purpose: to make your visitors never forget you.
By taking care of the customers’ experience you ensure their loyalty.

With our combination of quality and efficiency, we are not daunted by high volumes and tight deadlines. Reliable suppliers, exclusive partners, a fine-tuned workflow, and inspiration without limits - we have it all. Everything we do is for your satisfaction.

Receive a one-to-one consultation with an expert right now.

For the 2017 season, we are offering free decoration concepts for commercial stores when signing a contract for festive decor.

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